This is our main year-round beer!

loads of fresh Hops – we just love them! Everything about the magical flower and the compounds within that give great beer a lot of its aroma, flavour and bitterness, and With our Fixation IPA we take hopping rates to a higher level.

Four different new world hop varieties have gone into our IPA at all stages of the brewing process to lend a big juicy, fruity aroma, robust flavour and firm bitterness. There is a clean pale malt base with a few specialty malts for good measure, just enough to carry the seriously large hopping regime! This beer is for people with great taste, who love a modern day classic IPA!

abv - 6.4% / 65 ibu / 330ml & draught  / year round




fixation SQUISH is a new world IPA that blends fresh fruit and hop character for a beautifully aromatic and flavoursome adventure. The SQUISH shows a clean bitterness, with aromas of fresh orange and tropical fruits. It pours a hazy pale gold. The hop driven aroma is turned up a notch by fresh citrus notes provided by additions of blood orange and grapefruit. SQUISH finishes super clean and invites another sip!

abv - 5.9% / 45 IBU / draught only limited release / this beer may pour hazy from the hoppy, fruity goodness




The fix - Double IPA

Appearances of this deceptively big beer have been rare thus far. Being a dedicated IPA-only brewing company we have been brewing up ideas of a double india pale ale or dipa (pronounced dipper) over several hop harvests now. The fix is a fruity, punchy and hop driven beast, yet SURPRISINGLY dry and light on the palate. We have discovered over the years that we love dipa's to be all about our american hops and without any malt sweetness. this means a light malt and only a touch of sweetness from the not insignificant 8.2% abv. the hop additions include simcoe, mosaic and citra by the TRUCKLOAD providing sweet'n'fruity (pine / mango / apricot) aromas followed by waves of pleasant, hop flavour, finished with a very balanced bitterness. please enjoy 'the fix' 

abv - 8.2% / 70+ ibu / 500ml & draught - limited release


life is short, drink fresh!